Bob Katz

EZ and the Intangibles

EZ and the Intangibles
EZ and the Intangibles, a novel for middle grade readers, captures the joy of sports and the resilience of a boy who’s determined to be a basketball player despite accumulating losses. His best shot is to specialize in those subtle moves and maneuvers that don’t show up in the standard stat sheet, those vaunted intangibles. But he’ll only succeed if somebody is there to notice.

“Bob Katz’s charming coming-of-age story is a convincing demonstration that winning isn’t everything.”

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EZ and The Intangibles is a great book for children as they experience success, setbacks, self reflection, and finding their niche in life. And for parents, it serves as a reminder of the importance of the preadolescent years and why the problems in vicariously living through their children

Ed Hightower, award-winning Superintendent of Schools and
award-winning college basketball referee (4 NCAA Championship games, 12 Final Fours)

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